Pet Sitting Services


  • HAHPC has been in business 17 years. Started in the early growth of Loudoun county.

  • HAHPC has tenure pet sitters that work as a team. We have retirees that have worked with us for years.

  • HAHPC has put over 4 kids thru community college pet sitting and they work their classes around the job.

  • HAHPC has generational clients, starting with puppies and seeing their end and the client, then adding a new pup into their lives and continuing with the family.
  • HAHPC has built its reputation on trust. We don’t see some clients for many years but keep going into their home every time they need us.

There are hundreds of pet companies. Our only referral is word of mouth. Our lead walkers perform amazingly and bring in those clients, friends, and neighbors.

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