Pet Sitting Services

Benefits of having a Pet-Sitter for your furry friends

  • Mid-day Dog Walking/Pet Exercise during your work day
  • Knowing your pet will be in caring hands
  • A friendship for their lifetime and yours

  • To enjoy your vacation with peace of mind

  • To take worry free business trips

  • Walking extends the life of your pup(s). It’s a healthy, happy dog that gets to walk, smell, mark, bark a little and feel instincts that only outdoor stimulation can provide.

  • Last minute reservations/quick Visits

  • Nurturing caregiver with naturally learned animal behavior experience

  • Leash handling and constant safety of surroundings

  • Dependability for your pet, for you and your home

  • Cat GPS track collars w/ Apps are wonderful sense of security for any Cat owner that has an indoor/outdoor cat in order to follow their feline(s) adventures when outside.

Our Sweet Senior Pets

Due to age or illness, some pets require special care and attention. Happy at Home specializes in the comfort and care of the aging pet, in their very own home when you have to travel.

Your pets stay Happy at Home, in their own beds, with familiar surroundings.

Pets do get lonely but they also sleep a lot. Better to be home and visited, played with, sat with, loved and kept to their routine. To keep the older pup within their comfort and on routine maintains a healthy balance of spirit and mind. Just like us.

HAHPC has been in business 24 years. Started in the early growth of Loudoun County in 2000 and expanded into Williamsburg in 2013. HAHPC has generational clients; from puppyhood into their senior years. HAHPC has built its reputation on trust and referral and will continue to provide this top notch care.

**Referrals upon request from Northern Virginia to Williamsburg

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