Pet Sitting Services


  • Your pet feels comfortable and safe at home.

  • They are not traumatized by separation from you for several days.

A boarding kennel is a strange, scary place with different people going in and out and other animals will be clamoring for attention.

Happy at Home Pet Care LLC makes these concerns go away. Visiting your pet at home provides a quality service, security for your home, loving care for your pet, and most importantly: peace of mind, for you. Due to age or illness, some pets require special care and attention and we can provide that, too. We specialize in comforting the aging pets, in their very own home.

If you travel, frequently, and you love your pets, having a pet sitter visit your home a couple times of day greatly reduces concerns about being away from home so much. It is a win for your home and a win for your fur babies.

  • Your pets stay happy at home, in their own beds, with familiar surroundings.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in boarding costs or in house-sitting costs.

  • Know that your pet is getting scratched behind the ears a couple times a day – walking and being talked to.
  • As a homeowner, know that your home looks lived in and lights are being turned off and on and changed.
  • You know that boarding your beloved pets doesn’t seem like the ‘right thing’ to do.

  • Your vacation can, now, be carefree and you no longer have to feel anxious about your pets.

  • All of our dog walkers are reliable, capable, trustworthy, experienced, tidy, and caring.

The benefits of having a pet sitter for your pets and home are a good feeling.  You will have loving hands to take care of your pet(s) and safety for your home. Whether your preference is visits to your home or boarding care we provide a wonderful service customized to suit your pet and family’s needs.  Long lasting relationships is what HAHPC prides itself on. We encourage you to email your interest and ask for family references.

You spent a great deal of time and energy training your pet, Happy at Home Pet Care LLC maintains those hard-won habits.

Quality Standards

HAHPC has a wonderful staff. We want you to know who is coming into your home and have a real sense of comfort and trust. We do our best to ensure both.

  • Your pet sitter is insured and bonded through HAHPC
  • HAHPC Provides initial and ongoing training for it’s sitters
  • Your pet sitter has experience in caring for pets and is clearly mindful of their safety and well being.
  • HAHPC and it’s pet sitters exhibit courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with our clients

After Discussed Routine

  • Mail collection
  • Oversight of Property
  • Alternating Lighting
  • Trash Take Out
  • Watering Plants
  • Re-filling Bird Feeders

Charges for smaller pets i.e., caged pets, reptiles and birds vary, depending on their circumstances.

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